Tuesday, April 24, 2007

I did a show for an 80% deaf audience a few weeks ago at Lafflines in B.C. There was an interpreter on stage with me while I told jokes. I would tell a joke then about 5 seconds later the audience would laugh when the interpreter would catch up. It was weird but fun.Turns out I already knew the sign for hand job. I booked my second Cananda club. The Comedy Cave in Calgary at the end of June. If I can add one more Canada club I think I can start telling people I'm huge in Canada. Unless I'm in Canada then I'll tell people I'm huge in the States.I also found out my wife is pregnant when I was working Lafflines. I'm excited/scared just like I was the first time. We told my son that mommy was going to have a baby and he was going to be a big brother. He said "Daddy did you spill your sperm in mamma?" Yes I did son. I'm clumsy like that.

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