Thursday, June 21, 2007

I just watched Last Comic Standing(thanks Tivo!) It was all right I guess. They did the same editing trick where they made it seem like the bigger name comics who had private auditions actually where standing in line outside for 12 hours with the other comics/homeless people. But whatever it's a reality show. I auditioned for Last Comic Standing Two. Well I guess standing in line overnight and then stammering out 20 seconds of material isn't really "auditioning" but whatever i did it. I just did a showcase for Eddie Brill the guy who books Letterman. It didn't go great. I was nervous and I wasn't really pleased with my material choice. Plus we had to perform in front of 15 comics who had taken a workshop from Eddie Brill that day. Not exactly the easiest audience to perform for, but that's not an excuse. I talked to Mr. Brill afterword and he sort of broke down my set with me. "I like this joke." "I don't like this joke." "This joke isn't the right style for the Letterman show." I really didn't disagree with anything he said. He did say "You're not very interesting on stage" which will get you thinking on the car ride home. When I compare myself to some of the comics that I look up to and admire I know I have a long way to go. When I compare myself to some of the comics I see on Comedy Central and Last Comic standing I think they have a long way to go too. Here's a new joke I will never do on TV, but I probably will do at the Comedy Underground in Seattle June 21-23. Buy your tickets now. Come see the winner of the 2004 Seattle International Comedy Competition. The man Eddie Brill called "not that interesting."
"My wife wants to buy a Pomeranian dog. And I always tell her there is no way that's going to happen. So finally she says half jokingly "Fine, but if you die I'm going to get a Pomeranian." I was like "Ok that's fine..because if you die, I'm going to get a girlfriend."

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