Sunday, August 5, 2007

I'm at the Funnybone in Boise Idaho this week. Pretty sweet gig. The staff has treated me great and the crowds have been crazygood. I even got to do a little interview on Fox channel 12 here is Boise. It's the second TV station i've been too, and both times I was struck with how much it looked like the "Wayne's World" basement. I was on 4 different radio stations this week too. They make you earn your money here in Boise. I have a bit of a merchandise dilemna. I've been selling bumper stickers that say "I saw you at Walmart" after shows for awhile now. They sell really well, which means I make more money, which is good. The problem is I can't do the Walmart joke on stage anymore. I just can't. I'm done with it. It lived a good life. It was probably my best joke for a few years, and it definetly helped me win the Seattle contest. I'm not saying I'll never do it again, I have some bumper stickers I still have to get rid of, but it is not going to be an every night joke anymore. So now I need a new bumpersticker idea. I could sell T-shirts, but they're a pain in the ass to haul around, and they require a bigger initial investment. So I've been trying to think of something else from my act that might sell. So far the new ideas that have been suggested to me this week are
1. "I'm not fat, I'm drug free."
2. "Me gusta your boobies"
3. "Whut?"
4. "Your moms a whore!"

Ok I made that last one up.

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