Sunday, August 26, 2007

My wife is pregnant. I think I mentioned that before. It's a girl we found out. I guess I should say she's a girl. It seems a little impersonal to describe my future child as "it." My son was pretty pissed that he's having a sister. He has made it very clear from the beginning he wanted "a baby with a penis" and he didn't want a sister because "girls talk funny and they don't play with toys." I think he's either sexist or gay. He has also decided the baby should be named "Cookie Jar." Sounds like a pimp.
I made the the semi-finals of the HBO Lucky 21 contest. Me and 10 other comics performed at the Comedy Underground a few weeks ago. Kermet Apio and I were the top 2 so we get to go to LA in October and perform. I think I got a little lucky to get 2nd, but whatever I'll take it. Unfortunately it's going to be all online voting after the LA show to see who gets to go to the HBO Comedy Festival in Vegas, but it should still be fun.

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