Thursday, September 20, 2007

Hi kids. I'm having a lovely time here in Edmonton.(That's in Canada!) I'm definitely flying to Edmonton next time. The drive from Olympia was retarded. Somewhere between 16-18 hours I kinda blanked out there at the end. I saw a moose today. I know! Holy Canada! All I need to do know is see Nickelback. Or Bryan Adams, or Gordon Lightfoot, or Rush, or Neil Young, or The Bare Naked Ladies, or Bachman Turner Overdrive, or Paul Anka, or Celiane Dion, or Nelly Furtado, or K.D. Lang, or Avril Lavigne, or Alanis Morisette, or Anne Murray, or Shania Twain, or Rufus Wainwright. Yesterday I saw some moose crossing signs. From a distance they actually look like giant bunny crossing signs. I didn't see any Jim Carrey crossing signs though. Or Mike Myers, or Martin Short, or Pamela Anderson, or Howie Mandell, or Michael J. Fox, or Donald Sutherland, or Dave Foley, or Dan Akroyd, or Kim Catrell, or Alex Trabek, or Brandon Fraser, or Corey Haim, or Eugene Levy, or Leslie Neilsen, or Paul Schaffer, or Neve Campbell, or Rick Moranis, or Tom Green, or William Shatner, or Tommy Chong. Just the moose sign. Moose are big. It was jogging next to the road. Well I guess moose don't jog, they run, or perhaps even scamper. I think it probably weighed as much as the Kia I was driving. Well maybe not, I had a lot of McDonalds on the way up. Two of the McDonalds I went too had big "Now Hiring" signs up, that proudly said McDonalds employees receive a "free uniform and free meals!" Wow. Thats the same thing you get in prison.

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