Thursday, September 27, 2007

The Olympian newspaper was nice enough to do a story about me and the upcoming "Best of the Seattle Comedy Competition" at the Washington Center for Performing Arts here in Olympia. was happy with the story except for the joke they put in that they said they got from my website. This is what they put.
Gabriel Rutledge of Olympia, 2004 winner. Sample joke (from "People have kids for different reasons. For my wife and I, it was because we ran out of condoms."
Ok I do say that in one of my jokes, but that's just the setup! The rest of the joke is "Yeah I can't wait until that comes up when my son's older. "Daddy tell me about when I was born." "Well son it all started when Walgreens wouldn't take a check." I was a little annoyed until I saw what they put for Damonde Tschritter.
Tschritter of Vancouver, B.C., 2006 winner: We tried to find jokes of Tschritter's online, but couldn't, perhaps because the comic is known for his long and rambling stories.
Ha! I only got half a joke, but he got "long and rambling stories" I think he wins.

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