Saturday, October 13, 2007

So I did the HBO Lucky 21 contest thingamajig last Monday in L.A. It was interesting. I did mediocre at best. There was a lot of comedy and T.V. industry types at the show, and comedy and T.V. industry types don't really laugh. They just say things like "seen it" or "clever" under their breath. There were about 3 or 4 comics out of the 12 that performed that I would say had good sets. I was not one of them. I didn't bomb it was just not great. People often tell me that I am very funny and that I just need to get seen by "the right people." Well a lot of "the right people" were at the show and I kind of hope they weren't watching that closely. So the Lucky 21 contest is all online voting starting Monday October 15th. I'll probably post the details before Monday, so the dozens of people who accidentally read this blog can vote for me if they want. 3 comics of the 12 that performed in L.A. get to go to the HBO Comedy Festival in Vegas. Did I have one of the 3 best performances? Hell no, but you can vote for me anyway.

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