Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Hi blog friends. It's me G-dog. I haven't done this in awhile. I went to the HBO Comedy Festival in Vegas, that was really fun. I'm not sure what it did for me career wise, I guess that remains to be seen. I might of got a couple of new clubs to work at, I had a manager type person tell me to send them a tape, and I might have my DVD for sale at truck stops all over the country. Yeah I'm excited about the last one too. Even if none of that stuff works out I at least got to eat and drink for free and hang out at Caesers Palace. I got to hang out in the artist lounge, it was very VIP. While hanging out in the lounge I saw Chris Rock, D.L. Hughley, Carrot Top, David Tribble, and a bunch of other famous to semi-famous comics. I watched some shows too. Jim Brewer, Chelsea Handler, Dana Gould,Bill Burr, Marc Maron. Bill Burr was awesome. Absolutely amazing. Jim Brewer who I had zero expectations for, was really funny too. It was a really fun 5 days. My two shows went ok. The first one went pretty well, sold out room, which was 300 people I think. My second one was only 1/2 full and a little drunk and rowdy, but it was all right. My very next show after the Augustus Ballroom in Ceasers palace Las Vegas, was Sharks Bar and Bite in Wenatchee Washington. So yeah fantasy camp is over. My daughter will be born soon. Maisy Catherine Rutledge. December 23rd is the due date. I hope it happens before then, I kind of want to meet her. I will not be going on the road until the last week of February. I'm doing a bunch of Seattle area stuff, but no road trips. I remember once when I was a kid we left our golden retriever Ginger, (which is a very hack golden retriever name) locked in our laundry room while we all went somewhere for the day. Probably the food bank. When we got home she had almost chewed all the way through the wall of the laundry room. I think that's how I will feel by the time the last week of February comes. I'm staying home for almost 3 months, and I haven't done that in probably 5 years. I hope I don't start shitting on the carpet like Ginger did too. I will also be turning 34 the day after Jesus birthday this month. I'm ok with it. Jesus only lived until he was 33 so 34 doesn't seem that bad. I feel 34. I have a wife Kristi, a son Johnny, a daughter Maisy, and a cat named Don. I also have a mini-van. On paper my life looks exactly how I was afraid it would look when I was 20. Of course now that I'm almost 34 I have realized something. I was a total douche bag when I was 20. Don't pity me 20something hipsters, I'm doing just fine.

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