Friday, March 21, 2008

VH One

I'm watching "I Know My Kids a Star" on VH1. Hosted by Danny Bonaduce. The winning "star" kid gets $50,0000 and "lessons" from Danny. I guess the winner gets to learn how to binge drink. My son is 5 and is not going to be a child star. 5 year old future child stars are already going to tap dance class and taking voice lessons. I spend 20 minutes every morning trying to get my son to put his fucking underwear on. I don't think that's a category at talent shows. Don't get me wrong he's a good kid, but he has zero interest trying to impress people. That's his dads burden. All the parents on the show say they are trying to make their kid a star because the kid "wants it so much" and they "just love to perform." My kid "loves" Transformers and "wants" all of them. I don't buy all of them though, because he a kid and it's not my job to give him everything he wants. My job is I have no idea what my job is. Make sure he turns out better then Danny Bonaduce I guess

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