Wednesday, December 1, 2004


Well, I don't know what to say other then I won. It was close. Jen Kober took first for the night and finished in 2nd overall by 12/100ths of a point or something retarded like that. I keep thinking about how close it was and reminding myself that it doesn't matter, I won. Im not gonna lie to you my blogster friends, this is a huge fucking deal to me. I am the winner of the 2004 Seattle International Comedy Competition and I'm a little stunned by the whole thing. Mitch Hedberg won this contest. Dwight Slade won. Kermit Apio won. David Crowe won. And Gabriel Rutledge? Yeah I guess so. When I think of some of the great comics who haven't won this contest its even more humbling. You have to be lucky and good to win a contest and I guess I was a little of both. One of the best things for me was that Kristi(wife) got to be there. We haven't been able to share a lot of comedy experiences together since Johnny was born, so I'm glad she got to be there on what was definitely my crowning achievment so far in comedy. Host Brad Upton was even nice enough to give me the mic, so I could give a little Oscar style speech. I got a little choked up but what the hell, it was a big moment. Its a little like the end of summer camp saying goodbye to my fellow finalists. Damn they are some funny people. I think the 5 of us could have kicked ass over either season of Last Comic Standing. I think if there is a reason I won it's because I don't really have a target audience. Its more universal everyman sort of material. I did well in Kirkland and Rochestor. Its a little harder for a comic with a point of view to do well in a contest. Like my pal Joe Klocek for instance. Brilliant comic, and seeker of irony. Im sure he would have kicked my ass if the contest was in SanFrancisco. I don't even think they have a Walmart in the Bay Area. Tony Boswell is a great comic too. He changed his set more then anyone else. The first round I'm not even sure he repeated anything the whole week. Very impressive and he never had even close to a bad show. Vic Luppucci made me laugh harder then anyone else probably because he is a 4 year old trapped in a wacky Canadians body. He was so loose on stage! We were in a contest with thousands of dollars on the line, and on stage he would be riffing about his ferry ride over to the show. Amazing and ballsy. What can I say about my southern, jewish, lesbian friend, Jen Kober. She has more stage presence then....well anyone really. When she takes the stage she dares you not to laugh. She is basically a lot of things I am not on stage and its a bit of a miracle I finished ahead of her. Ok its 2:53 in the morning and I am rambling, time for bed. Oh, one more thing. Just in case any Northwest Booking agents happen to be reading this. I don't feature anymore.

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