Sunday, June 1, 2008

Movies cost $12.50 in Canada

I'm finishing up my week of shows at the Comedy Cave in Calgary Canada. They're big fans of alliteration here at the Comedy Cave. Reminds me of the time I worked at the KKK Komedy Kafe in Kenwood Kentucky. Not a lot minorities at those shows, it was weird. I saw two movies during my time here in Calgary. Indiana Jones 4, and Ironman. I see movies to kill time during the day, so I mostly pick my movies by what time they start. That's why once in a moment of weakness I sat in the back of a theater filled with shame as I watched "The Devil Wears Prada." How was it. It was FABULOUS! "Indiana Jones, Grandpa's search for the Crystal Meth Skull" or whatever the hell it's called was pretty bad. No surprise there. Not to be a spoiler, but one thing in particular that annoyed me was when Indiana found out he had an 18 year old son he'd never met or been told about, he seemed just fine with it. You'd think he would have freaked out like "You kept my son from me for 18 years? And it's the the kid from Transformers? You're a bitch." Ironman I had low expectations for as well, but I actually enjoyed it. I'll have to spend the next week recreating every scene in the movie for my son though. He knows 6 year olds can't watch some movies, so he expects me to see the movies he can't see and report back to him. After I saw Transformers I was expected to list every robot in the movie by order of appearance. Ironman was cool though. Although they waited until the very end of the movie before they played one of the best songs in the history of rock-n-roll. I should have saved my money and just watched this.

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JOHNNY G and MAISY C said...

I hope you took notes. I told him you saw it and he wants to know all about who was in it and who's going to be in Iron Man 2.