Thursday, August 7, 2008

Code Brown

We had a family outing at the pool today. It was tragically cut short because a kid pooped in the water and they had to shut the pool down for the rest of the day. Good to know for next time I go to the pool. If my kids are being assholes it's comforting to know we are only a turd away from being back in the mini-van headed home. "I swear to god if you kids don't shape up I'll shit in the pool!"
How great would that be if they had to postpone swimming in the Beijing Olympics because Michael Phelps took a growler during the breast stroke. It could happen, I hear all they have to eat over there is Chinese food.


damon said...

I've got no good comment.
That was hilarious.

P.L. Frederick said...

Ah hah ha! Ha ha hah hee ho! Ha hah! Hee hee! You're funny.

"Gee, the water looks a bit brackish." That's what they call it when it's natural and filled with fish poo.

Owen said...

haha growler