Friday, November 19, 2004

The Seattle International Comedy Competition is kicking my ass. Its the last thing I think about before I fall asleep and the first thing I think about when I wake up. It must be love. Ok brief semi-final recap. Tuesday- Comedy Underground. Only about 25-30 people there so it was kind of a weird vibe. I got 6th place which I felt ok about becuase I went 1st that night. I didn't have a great set I started slow but did ok by the end. Wednesday-Puyallup. Show was sold out, awesome crowd. I went 3rd and had to follow James Inman who threw down some serious heat. He killed. And he killed being dirty, which in know way is a judgement on Mr. Inman, but it doesn't help my cute little PG-13 act that had to follow him. So again I started slow which really pissed me off. The only reason I have been using the same stupid opener for 2 years is because it helps me start fast. On a good night its an applause break 30 seconds into the show. Not in Puyallup though. Overall I still had a good set, I brought the crowd along and by the end I was doing pretty well. I got 4th place for the night, which considering the set I had to follow, I was really happy with. Here is the ultimate Son of a Bitch about contests though. James Inman did not place in the top 5 that night. Thursday Night-Skagit Casino. Or as I now call it. Drop Night. (We drop our lowest score for the week in case you didn't know.) Another good crowd 400 people. I had a good set. I was hoping for great I got good. The judges did not see it that way. I got 9th place for the night. God that was painful to type. Did I get robbed? I don't know, I had a few fellow competitors tell me they thought I should have been top 5, maybe they were right, maybe they were just being polite. Here's the thing. Everyone had a good set. As we were all standing back stage waiting to hear the top 5, I realized no one has any idea of where they will place. Joe Klocek,who had to go first for the night but still had a good set, looked shocked when they called his name for 3rd place. And its not that he didn't deserve it, its just that none of us have any idea. Thats hard to handle, our fate is in the hands of judges, the utter randomness of it is tough. If the contest ended now I would not make the finals. There are still 3 shows left, and a lot of stuff will happen. I am going to listen to my 8 mile soundtrack on the way to the Lucky Eagle Casino for motivation. "You only get one shot...."

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