Tuesday, February 17, 2009


"I met somebody once who told me they breastfed until they were 8. At 8 years old you've pretty much got to sit your mom down and tell her it's time to quit.
"Look mom...most of the kids at school just bring money for lunch."

That's a joke I tell on stage based on a conversation I had with a woman after a show. Well my friend Brett sent me a youtube video that showed how disturbing the reality of an 8 year old breastfeeding really is. If you live in an African tribe I guess I get it. But we live in a world of sandwiches, at some point put your shirt on and take the kids to Safeway. I support breastfeeding, but doing it at 8 is a sign of mental illness in the mom. Your kids are going to grow up let it happen. Or maybe go all the way and make your kids shit their pants still. My favorite part of the video is when one of the kids says "I'd rather have lots of breastmilk then a million melons!" Yeah. I guess I'd be infatuated with melons too.

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