Tuesday, May 12, 2009


So I'm drinking coffee again. I quit for awhile and just drank tea, but tea tastes bad. Unless you have a sore throat. And I don't like feeling like I have a sore throat every day. So I'm back to coffee. Just in the morning though. Mostly. And definitely no more coffee at night. Except for a couple times before shows when I was really tired. I have the will power of a cranky 4 year old. In other beverage news, I've started drinking wine. Just in the morning though. I've never really drank wine before.Unless you count the Boone's Farm a few times in my misguided youth. Strawberry Hill. Just typing those two words, made me want to barf a little. Since legal drinking age I've only had wine a few times. Mostly because it tastes like feet. It's growing on me though. Wine I mean, not feet. Maybe it's because wine has a better reputation in the alcohol world. People who drink beer and liquor all the time are considered alcoholics. People who drink wine every night, just like to unwind at the end of a hard day. So I've been unwinding a little. I don't really know what to buy though. I've just been going by price and pretty packaging. Should I buy the one with a bicycle on it or a kangaroo? I really don't know a lot about wine. My parents certainly never drank it. In my family if someone asks you if want to "smell the cork" it means something entirely different.


Chase Roper said...

How long did you stay off coffee? I tried that for a while but when I quit my day job last year my wife started working at a Big Foot Java coffee stand. She was bringing home all these amazing drinks and I decided to quit quitting coffee for good.

Gabriel said...

I quit for about a month. I think I'm back for good though.