Friday, July 31, 2009


So I'm taping "Live at Gotham" for Comedy Central on August 7th. Yeah I was surprised too. I'm not sure when it airs. I'm going to start bitching about how they edited it now. I had to submit a transcript of every word of the set I'm going to do on the show. They had to clear every mention of any product or company. So if I made fun of Burger King and they were one of the shows sponsors they might not let me do it. The good news is my mention of "Boone's Farm" cleared with no problems. As far as I know Boone's Farm has never sponsored anything. Maybe they should. "Intervention" brought to you by Boone's Farm. "Boone's Farm, the fruitiest way to be an alcoholic!"

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Anonymous said...

Awesome man! I'll write up a little mention at Punchline Magazine for next week. Cool news.