Saturday, September 11, 2010

In the black

Just checked my online bank balance. It's $13.15 and I audibly said "Yes!" when I saw it. Who says money can't buy you happiness.


Chase Roper said...

Boy, I hope I can get in the black someday.

BirdFLU said...
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BirdFLU said...

Not related to your post, I saw your set in Portland on Friday and loved it.

But I'm dying to know something. In setting up a joke, you asked the men in the audience if they had ever passed on sex to play a video game instead. Were you kind of in shock that someone answered yes? Then the shock deepened when you saw the guy that said it? Suspenders over the Hawaiian shirt tucked into his jeans guy.

I had this idea that your mind was racing to find a joke while also thinking "Who the hell would answer 'yes' to that question in front of a couple hundred people? Your mind just about had the joke, then you turned around and saw what the guy looked and dressed like. Then your mind was saying "Wait! WTF? THIS GUY says he can pass up sex?"

That little moment made me really appreciate how tough your job is. Keep at it though, you had me laughing and I don't laugh at much.

Gabriel said...

Thanks for your kind words Mr. or Mrs. Bird Flu. I do get a lot of yes answers to the video game question. The yes usually comes from sort of a frat guy or nerdy guy. The suspenders in the Hawaiian shirt guy might have thrown me for a second. I'm always amazed what people are willing to admit at a comedy show though.