Wednesday, December 22, 2010

The morning after

It was Maisy's 3rd birthday party last night and this morning our house looks like the day after a toddler sorority apple juice kegger. The counters and tables are covered in pink plates with half eaten cake, knocked over pink cups next to pools of juice, unused pink napkins, and broken pink forks. The floor covered in stepped on chips and Play-doh, streamers, crumbled up wrapping paper, ripped open boxes, Teddy Bears, and Barbies. It was a rager. Hungover little girls all over the city are waking up trying to shake the cobwebs of last nights sugar high out of their brains, trying to piece together the fuzzy memories of exactly what happened at Maisy's party last night. There was some toy stealing for sure. Some trouble with sharing, some spills, some dropped cake, some pants shitting, some hitting, some accusations of biting, and a lot of tears. Some people left without their shoes. Even a party girls got to admit maybe shit got a little too crazy. And as they wipe frosting from their eyebrows they tell themselves they have learned their lesson and that they will never party like that again, but in their hearts they know Christmas is in 3 days and shit's gonna get even crazier.

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