Thursday, April 14, 2011


Sooo. I know some people follow my blog. Not a lot, but some. I haven't posted much over the last year, because I've been doing a super secret blog that I hope to have available in some book form or another in the future. For a year I wrote 2 or 3 entries a week. It turned out mostly funny, but a lot more personal than I usually allow myself on this blog. That's why it will be a book, if I'm going to reveal that much about myself you should have to give me a couple bucks first. One of the major events that was much discussed in my super secret blog that I haven't talked about here is my wife having baby #3. Really soon. May 8th is the due date. Also I have a vasectomy scheduled.
Comedy News?
I'm doing the Great American Comedy Festival in June. It's a festival in Johnny's Carson's home town of Norfolk Nebraska. One of the people who helps put it on is Eddie Brill who books the comics on the David Letterman show. It's a contest so that's always stressful. A Seattle comic named Tony Daniel says about all comedy competitions; "If you win it's a contest, if you lose it's a festival." I'll let you know.

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