Thursday, May 12, 2011

I like Turtles!

I type this from the special care nursery at St. Peters hospital. The Turtle room. Every room in the nursery has an animal name.
"Sorry your babies sick, but turtles are cute, right?"
My baby is sick, but she's ok. Olive Kristine Rutledge was born 5-7-11 with some meconium in her lungs. Which is a nice way of saying she was born with some green shit water inside of her. Not the best way to start your life. She has to stay here until Saturday, which means Kristi has spent every night at the hospital with Olive. I have spent every night at home with Johnny and Maisy. It's been a long week. I have concluded two things in the last 5 days. One, nurses are some of the greatest people on the planet. And two, I am definitely a stress eater.


wagthedad said...

Ouch! Meconium. Who knew? I know what it is, and in fact I have seen it. It's like a shit plug, correct?

Sorry to hear about your daughter, but this must mean that she will be a healthy shitter, which is one of the main important things to be in life.

gabriel rutledge said...

She's doing great now, and yes she is an excellent shitter. She gets that from my side.