Sunday, June 12, 2011

I need corn jokes

So next week I will be competing/participating in the Great American Comedy Festival in beautiful downtown Norfolk Nebraska, the childhood home of Johnny Carson. The week after that I will be in L.A. to tape a set for a show called
It's syndicated on networks all over the country and is usually on at 2am right before the Jack Lalanne Juicer infomercial. It'll probably be watched mostly by drunks, stoners, and parents up with their babies, which is a pretty good demographic for me. So yeah, I've got a couple of big things coming up which naturally means I zero confidence in my comedy right now and I'm second guessing all of my material I've chosen to perform. Happens every time. Maybe it's my brains way of keeping me motivated, making sure I don't get too cocky. Or maybe I have shitty material. I'm not that nervous about the TV show. Plus I found out I was doing it too late to even worry about losing weight, so I don't even have that pressure. I am a little nervous about doing the Great American Comedy Festival. Not nervous about performing. Really all I have to do is show up and do 6 minutes of jokes. I'm nervous because it's a competition, and I've done enough of those to know what a total crap shoot, mind fuck they can be. I don't want to leave Nebraska with my soul crushed, is that too much to ask? It might be since Nebraska ranks pretty high on the soul crushing states chart. Thank god Johnny Carson didn't grow up in North Dakota.

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