Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Target headshots

We just had pictures taken of the kids. And by we, I mean my wife. We did it at Target cause we're classy. And they had a coupon. One of the pics of Maisy I love, because it looks like a promo shot for a family sitcom where Maisy is the tiny precocious but adorable star. You know the kind of show where the kid does something naughty and the whole family says "Oh Maisy!" all together. Of course they're smiling while they say it, because who could be mad at a little girl that hilarious? That's a lot like how she gets treated in our family, now that I think about it. I think the show should be named after her catch phrase that she says around our house all the time.

This fall on the ABC Family Channel......
"For Crying Out Loud!"
Starring Maisy Rutledge

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