Saturday, August 28, 2010

For those who used to rock

I sold my drum set this week. I haven't played it in about a decade, but I still felt a little more melancholy about it than I thought I would. I have an an electric set now that I play all the time, but the old one still had some broken rock-n-roll dreams on it. Surprisingly that didn't help with the resale value. My electronic drum set doesn't have rock-n-roll dreams. I think it has a broken Barbie on it right now. And it has headphones, so if any rock-roll-dreams do sneak in they don't have to wake the baby. My old drums and I were a part of something. We were in a band. We both got loaded in the van and played punk rock shows for occasionally more than 10 people. We played on albums you can buy on EBay for $1. So I felt the weight of all those memories, and efforts, and frustrations, and triumphs, and bullshit, and camaraderie, and really more than anything; I felt kind of old. I felt all of that, while some guy I just met loaded my drums in his truck and gave me $300, since no one would pay the $500 I was asking. I think I paid $300 for just the snare drum in 1995 or so. Back when I was 21 and thought I was poor, but still had a $300 snare drum budget. The guy who bought it is in a band. He sent me a text to let me know how much he's enjoying them. That kind of makes me feel better. Like if I had to give my dog away at least it's in a bigger place out in the country where it can run around, chase squirrels, and be happy and free. I guess what I'm telling you is my drums went to live on a farm. Which probably means they got hit by a car last week and my parents didn't have the heart to tell me. It's weird when your dreams die. They don't always die in the spectacular fashion of some giant failure, like dropping the game winning pass in the end zone. At least if that happens you made the team. Sometimes dreams just sort of slowly becomes less important and starts to drift away. Life changes, priorities shift and sometimes the dream dies so quietly you don't fully realize it happened until you list your drum set on Craiglist 10 years later. I don't like calling stand up comedy a dream. I guess because a lot of my comedy dreams have come true and the blissful happiness I was promised in my fantasies didn't come with those successes. I dreamt of being on Comedy Central. I never dreamt that after being on Comedy Central I would still have the kind of life where I was selling my drums to pay the electric bill.  But reality, dream ,whatever my comedy career is I am totally immersed and obsessed with it. Just like I used to be with music. It's hard to imagine or even admit, but maybe someday I'll look back on stand up comedy the same way.  But instead of selling my old drum set on Craigslist, I'll try to sell my old act to Ron White. So far comedy seems to be going better then music ever did, the cheapest I could find my comedy CD online was $7.49. I'll take that as a good sign. Come to a show and I'll probably give you one for $7. Here's my 3 year old Maisy getting a few last licks in on the drums. Me and my $300 snare drum didn't see her coming back in 1995.

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