Monday, September 5, 2011

Gabriel Rutledge totally looks like Tim Curry

So while googling myself in the privacy of my hotel room I ran across this on

People tell me I look like Tim Curry a lot. Sometimes when ladies tell me they say. "and I think he's really sexy." And then I think about them later while I google myself. It's kind of a compliment to say I look like Tim Curry and you think he's sexy, but it's also kind of saying no one else does. If I looked like Brad Pitt no one would have to say "and I think he's sexy." This is probably the Tim Curry they're attracted too anyway.

Pretty sure neither me, or present day Tim Curry can pull that look off. 
I seem to look like a lot of people. I never see these people, but I'm always being told I look like someones friend or brother. Most of the celebrities I get told I look like are not the most testosteroni. (Testoseroni! The only pasta shaped like penises). I'm not sure if Tim Curry is gay. He's British, so at least kinda. Here's some of the other famous types I've been told I resemble

Lance Bass. Gay American

Ross Mathews. Gay American

Chaz Bono. Transgendered American.
 I looked like her first, just for the record. Are you seeing the pattern here?
Thank God someone says I look like Dave Grohl occasionally.

Rock-n-roll American

My favorite has only been said to me twice, but I hope it's true

Dr. Dre. Hip Hop American
Yeah I don't see it either.
In general I seem to have a pretty gay vibe, which I'm OK with. I know in my heart and penis I enjoy the bitches just as much as  Dr. Dre does, but if other people don't think that I don't really give a shit. Plus my beard of a wife seems to appreciate my more feminine qualities. I'm not sure if gay people think I'm gay. I'd guess probably not, based on my questionable fashion sense. Ironically I think it's mostly straight men who wear Dickies shirts
That being said, in the interest of full disclosure I should probably show you this

No, this isn't a picture from when I played keyboards in a Flock of Seagulls cover band, this is my first comedy headshot from about 10 years ago. As you can see, the black and white photo really seems to accentuate the womanliness of the blond hair I was sporting at the time. The earrings didn't help either.
I showed this picture to Maisy and asked her what she thought and she said "Not good, daddy." Hmm. Tough talk from someone who looks like a dishonorably discharged Precious Moments figurine.

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