Sunday, September 11, 2011

How do you spell that?

A few weeks ago I performed at the lovely Laugh's Comedy Spot in beautiful Kirkland Washington. It's right next to "The Bead Hut" so you can buy some beads then go to the comedy show if you really want to make it a special night out. I know the economy is shitty, but how bad can things be really when people still have a bead budget? During my first show Saturday I noticed an obviously pregnant lady in the front row appeared to be having contractions. So I asked her about it and mild hilarity ensued. I did a little riffing and a few of my "classic" (really old) childbirth jokes I haven't done in forever. I was taping that night with my camera from 1999 that the other comics laughed at, so I decided to put it up on YouTube and it's already gone whatever the opposite of viral is. Cured? Contained? I think it's safe to say that at it's current level of 33 views it's definitely not contagious.The woman said she was due in two weeks and considering she was already having contractions I would assume Caitlin Grace has been born already. So welcome to the world Caitlin. Or maybe it's Kaitlin. Or Kaitlyn. Maybe even Kate Lynn. They really should have picked a name everyone can spell without asking. Like Beadhut Grace. Whatever it is, good luck assholes. That will sound less mean after you watch the video. It only makes sense to 33 people right now. Also I got that shirt I'm wearing for $8 at Walmart.

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