Saturday, October 8, 2011


Olive has acid reflux. Not sure why my 5 month old has an old man's disease. Maybe we should get her checked for other old man problems like hearing loss and racism. All of my babies have had acid reflux. It goes away, but while they have it they yell a lot and don't sleep and eat that well. The eating's not really my department, but the yelling and lack of sleep is really cutting into my Xbox time. I just got one. My brother in law gave it to me. I don't mean Xbox 360, Xbox Kinect, or Xwifebox360disKinect either; I just mean Xbox like the one that came out in 2001. Before that Kristi and I had a Super Nintendo we got in 1994 or so. Back when we could play Donkey Kong Country and smoke pot uninterrupted from babies until the wee hours of the morning and the only gastrointestinal problems we had to worry about were our own from eating too much AM PM food. My Salad Days are filled with corn dogs. I think I just found the title of my autobiography. I've been playing World Series baseball and I stink. My team is the 2001 Seattle Mariners and I'm 1-5, which is pretty bad considering the 2001 Mariners set a record for winning 116 regular season games. In my defense I'm not taking steroids like most of the Mariners were that season. Maybe there is a cheat code for that. I am getting better though, the first game I played it took me 4 innings to figure out I wasn't actually playing, it was just a computer simulated game. I thought I was pretty good for those 4 innings though. Maybe that's what life is. We think we're in control, but when we die we find out the entire planet was on demo mode the whole time. God sucks at video games too.

OK family plug. My sister in law and my wife have started a blog called Best Christmas Letter It just started, but they want it to be a collection of horrible/funny Christmas Letters that people have received or sent out. If you have one go there and submit it, or just check it out. I'm sure it will instantly be more popular than my blog and I can add my sister-in-law and wife to the list of people in my family who are more Internet popular than I am.

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