Thursday, October 27, 2011

It's the water

I'm in Janesville Wisconsin at the shittiest Baymont Inn and Suites I've ever had the privilege of staying in. Best Baymont? Salt Lake City. You could learn a lot about cleanliness and hospitality from my Mormon friends Janesville Baymont. At least my room has a view of the highway to remind myself I get to leave tomorrow. My show went fine tonight, thanks for asking. I asked the Janesvillians what their town is best known for and I was told "We used to make cars here." That sounds sad, but I can't judge them, because I realized my fair city of Olympia is probably best known because "We used to make beer." Olympia beer is gone, but at least we still have what makes our city great; hippies, gay people, punk rockers, and weirdo's. Olympia will always have that unless the Evergreen State College weirdo brewery shuts down. Also before we get to nostalgic, lets not forget Olympia beer tastes like shit. And that's coming from a guy who drinks Busch Light on a regular basis, so I have very low standards. I just feel like beer shouldn't instantly give you diarrhea, maybe that makes me a beer snob. Actually Olympia Beer isn't gone, they still make it, just somewhere else. I've heard Texas, but I'm not sure if that's true. People tend to blame Texas for a lot of things. Probably with good reason. I happen to be a fan of San Antonio Texas, because I will be there at the Rivercenter Comedy Club March 21-25 2012. Any place I work in is the greatest city in the world for that week. Except for Wichita Kansas where I'll be at the Loonybin Comedy Club November 30-December 3. That's a shitty town and I don't care if they hear me say it.

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