Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Me, Cedar Falls, and Ron Jeremy

Just finished my last show at Jokers in Cedar Falls Iowa. Last show ever? Maybe. Probably not.
Friday nights show went ok considering it was free drinks night. It was a $10 cover for the comedy show, so it was basically $10 for all you can drink. I'm not sure that's even legal. Kind of makes the 1/2 off drinks deal they give the comics seem shitty. The crowd was pretty much who you'd expect would show up for free drink night. Lot of backwards baseball cap, Affliction t-shirt wearing dudes and the girls who go out with backward baseball cap, Affliction t-shirt wearing dudes. They were young, but they still laughed at the appropriate times for my breeder jokes. Tonight's show was not free drink night, but it was a Halloween Party. The most popular costume for the ladies seemed to be tits and glitter. The fellas mostly dressed as backwards baseball cap, Affliction t-shirt wearing dudes. After the show while unsuccessfully attempting to sell my Cd's a woman came over and introduced herself and told me she was a stripper and porn actress of sorts. Of course you are, Cedar Falls Iowa is known for those. Always nice to meet a fellow artist. She also gave me a DVD. I said "What's on the DVD?" She said "Oh it's me having sex with Ron Jeremy." She was with her husband during this conversation too. I jokingly said to him "Where were you during this, holding the camera?" He said "Yes."
I watched the DVD when I got back to the hotel and it looked like...well it looked like a lady having sex with Ron Jeremy. Unfortunately my hotel room is right next to the indoor pool. Turns out the sound of children's laughter makes it extra creepy when watching an amateur porn actress from Cedar Falls have sex with Ron Jeremy on a DVD she gave you after the show. I have a weird job.

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