Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Olive bit my finger!

"I'm not a strong swimmer."

 Kristi made that for Maisy. It's supposed to be a Halloween ghost of some kind, but it looks more like Casper the Friendly Ghost Sperm. She should have made me one for a get well gift after I had my vasectomy.

So a couple of posts ago I mentioned I was thinking about monetizing Johnny's YouTube account. I did, and it makes about $3 a day. Not sure what were going to do with the money, we can't just give him $100 a month, it would blow his 9 year old fucking mind. I guess I could spend it, but that seems like the kind of thing that might come up when he talks to his therapist as an adult. So I guess we'll just put it in a bank account for him. Except for the $2 or so a month this blog and my YouTube account make, that sweet cash is all mine. Johnny is busy making new videos. Now that he's making money I find myself much more supportive. He wanted to spoof the famous Charlie bit my finger video with his own Olive bit my finger video.  He also made one where he had Maisy beat him up. That one is more like a documentary. They also made one called "Olive Bites Crazy Babies Finger." It's my favorite video he's ever done, because it really sums up the general atmosphere of my house right now. It probably should be called "24 Seconds of Birth Control." Good thing I have ghost sperm now. Enjoy.


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Anonymous said...

Me: Look, honey, it's called "24 Seconds of Birth Control".

Him: It works! Scrape those sperm out!

Childless Couple

gabriel rutledge said...

ha! just doing my part to keep you childless. Also don't scrape them out that sounds horrible.