Thursday, November 10, 2011

The Rutledges and The Duggars

Forgive me if you saw this picture when I posted it on Facebook , but I didn't feel it got the proper amount of likes, so here it is again. 

It's a car seat cover we got for Olive. And yeah, you're right, maybe we shouldn't have gone with the pink one. No wonder she's asleep, she thinks she's back home. I feel like I'm delivering her every time I get her out of it. At least the car seat vagina has a very convenient zipper, unlike the human one.
They should have put one of those in about 15 kids ago for this lady.
That's Michelle Dugger holding the baby in the middle, star of TLC's hit reality show "19 Kids and Counting." Yeah she's given birth to all 19 kids in that picture, and possibly a few of the instruments. She might not even need a zipper at this point, I think the last few just walked out holding a violin. That's her husband Jim Bob standing behind her in the photo. They just announced "God has blessed them again" and Michelle is pregnant with their 20th child.  Makes sense you don't want to stop at 9 boys and 10 girls, that's an uneven number. Plus they need an oboe player. I don't know how they even have time to have sex with that many kids, that's impressive. They may be mentally ill human hoarders, but I do admire their time management skills. The Duggars believe their OCD breeding is all part of God's plan and since the bible says "Go forth and multiply" they're going to keep biblically fornicating and have as many kids as God sees fit. Every position is the missionary position in the Duggars bedroom. I don't understand why people think not using birth control is God's plan. I mean come on Jim Bob, even Jesus pulled out of Bethlehem.

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Anonymous said...

Forgive me for saying this but I hope something happens to Michelle either before, during, or after the childbirth! They need to listen to God and quit while they're ahead!!!!!!!!!!!