Sunday, December 25, 2011


Sometimes after a huge comedy star such as myself performs, an attractive lady who was in the audience will ask me to sign their boobs. And by sometimes I mean 3 times total I think. One of them was 2 days ago in Yakima Washington. They say if an NFL player scores a touchdown he should  show some class and "act like he's been there before." As you can see from this picture, not only did I look like I'd never been that close to boobs before, but I was pretty amazed by how pens and cameras work as well
It wasn't the firmest of writing surfaces, but I was uncomfortable enough already and grabbing a breast for extra leverage seemed a little too much. Sharpie needs to start working on a boob marker. Maybe I should start practice signing on my wife to be better prepared next time. She's always been very supportive of my career. At the very least I should probably hire a smile coach.

This next pic shows the old saying is true. "Stare at a woman's boobs long enough and it will burn the soul out of your eyes."
Wow. Why am I the only one who looks like a drunk demon? Someone needs to photo shop the underworld out of my eyes.  That's my pal Derek Sheen in the photo with me. Yeah he's not exactly "acting like he's been there before" either.

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Olympic Peninsula Comedy said...

Ya need to just grab the boob for leverage....