Friday, December 30, 2011

The Thin Blue Line

I was making a deposit at my bank two days ago. Fun fact! The poorer you are the more deposits you make! The ATM doesn't judge me when I deposit $23. After completing my high level transaction I walked back to my car and noticed a pregnancy test lodged between the windshield and the hood of my car.
I know it's kind of gross to hold it, but it was so weird I needed photo evidence. Also, yes that is a plate on the floor of my car. I like to be prepared. You never know when your going to run across a sandwich.
I have no idea how the pregnancy test got there, or even when. I didn't notice it when I got in the car at my house though. I think the important thing to note is the test was negative. That must have been good news for the test taker. If you're tossing a pregnancy test on the hood of a Kia Spectra when you're done with it, at least a small part of you must know you're not ready for motherhood. If it was positive that's not really a story you can tell your child later either. "I have loved you since I peed on a stick in the bushes at a Wells Fargo and I saw two blue lines."
My pregnancy test days are over since I got a vasectomy. At least I hope so. Johnny and I had this conversation recently.
Johnny: "Hey Dad, you know how the Doctor cut your testicles so you can't have more kids?"
Me: "Uh, yeah?"
Johnny "Well, maybe mommy will have a kid with a different guy."

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