Saturday, February 11, 2012

Poop and farts!

My daughter Maisy is a big shit talker right now. I guess more of a poop talker. She only hears the word shit when I hurt myself or drop the baby. But "poop" is the word Maisy takes great pride and delight in saying right now. 4 seems to be the age when this happens. I think that's the age my niece Cassidy was when she named one of her dolls "PeePeePooPooFart." Looking back I think that's probably when my wife and I decided we should have our own kids, so we could have a tiny person of our own who shared our similarly sophisticated sense of humor. Maisy probably has a future in awful song parody because she manages to shoehorn "poop" into every conversation we have now.

Us "Maisy it's time to go to bed now."
Her "You mean it's time to go to poop now!"

Us "Maisy are you watching Dora the Explorer?"
Her "No I'm watching Dora the Poop!"

Us "Maisy it's time to go to pre-school."
Her "I don't want to go to pre-school."
Us "Why not?"
Her "Because pre-school is a stinky poop!"

She actually has a point about pre-school. There is an uncomfortable amount of pants shitting that goes on there.
The best thing to do of course would be to ignore Maisy's poop talk as to not encourage her. The problem is we find it hilarious. And even if Kristi and I don't laugh, her brother is on the floor convulsing in laughter saying "Dora the Poop!" over and over again.
She'll outgrow it. Kind of. I never have.  Eventually her baby sister will start talking about poop and Maisy can start shoehorning the word "Fart" into everything like her brother does now, and the circle of body function humor will be complete. Hakuna Mafarta.

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