Wednesday, April 4, 2012


I'm in the airport on the way home from Atlanta where I performed at The Laughing Skull Comedy Festival.

"If you win it's a contest, if you lose it's a festival." -Tony Daniels

I didn't win. I had to go up first in my round which is always tough judging wise. At least that's the excuse I'm going with. I had a decent set. The kind of set where if I had gone 3rd or 4th I might have moved on to the next round, but who knows. We had other non-judged shows we performed at too, and of course those went well. Anyone can perform their best when it counts, but it takes a rare talent like myself to shine when nothing is on the line. Comedy contests are weird little mind fucks and comedians hate them, but for some reason we can't stop doing them. Other than "Winner of the Laughing Skull Comedy Festival" we didn't even know what we were competing for. Validation I guess. I think the winner got $1000. All I ended up winning is the respect of my peers. And since the trip cost me $700 or so and I had to cancel gigs to do it, that's what I told Comcast Cable when they called to tell me my payment was late.

"You can turn my cable off if you want sir, but I have the respect of my peers. You can't take that away from me. Also did mention I had to go first?"

The general idea of the festival is to get seen and schmooze with various comedy industry types. Casting agents, managers, talent bookers for TV shows, that kind of thing. They were the judges of the competition too. That way if you don't do well in the contest you can feel like YOU'VE BEEN REJECTED BY THE ENTIRE COMEDY INDUSTRY!
One of the nights most of the comics and industry judges went to the Claremont Lounge. The Claremont Lounge is Atlanta's oldest strip club, and I think most of the strippers were hired the day it opened. They have several 50,60, maybe even older ladies in sizes ranging from "average post menopausal woman" to "sweet jesus let me unsee that." So yeah, I guess if you consider watching people who could help my career get lap dances from a grandma "networking" then mission accomplished.
I did do a showcase for someone from Nickelodeon and that set went very well. Doesn't mean I'll get on the show, but a boy can dream. Yes Nickelodeon.  I was just as surprised as you. I guess Nick Jr is going to start having some adult programming this fall that includes a stand up comedy show. Maybe I shouldn't have written this.

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