Saturday, January 19, 2013

New Post about Old Posts

Hey blog it's been awhile. 9 months actually. If you conceived a child while reading my last post you can give birth while reading this one. My blog usually doesn't cause love making, but my last post was I believe in the Boner Fairy so I guess it makes sense. Boner talk always puts people in the mood. Don't believe me? Try dropping it into your bedroom dirty talk and you'll see. A coyly whispered "Hey, check out my boner." or "Hey, nice boner you got there." always takes things to the next level. Why a 9 month blog hiatus? Most of the potentially humorous or interesting thoughts I have are now discussed on my wildy successful podcast The Rutledges. A lot more people listen to that than ever read this anyway. Oddly a lot more people read my blog now than when I was updating it once a week. 500-1000 more views a month now that I don't give a shit. I guess if I really want to take my stand up career to the next level I have to quit. Strangely a lot of my blog traffic is coming from Israel.  Mostly because of a post where I linked to this picture

The numbers don't lie. Israel loves bicycle porn. Or they think it's the opening credits to Portlandia
Either way I'm huge in Israel. I also get a lot of traffic from my post about former comedian, current convicted serial rapist Vince Champ. The feedback on that has not all been pleasant. I pointed out in the post how absurd it was that in many of the newspaper articles about his arrest and conviction, it was mentioned how surprising it was because he was such a clean act on stage. Like if he was a dirty comedian no one would have been shocked he was a rapist. I apparently didn't do a very good job stating my case because several people have accused me of doing the same thing I was saying was absurd. One comedian actually linked to the post on his Facebook page, saying something along the lines of "Look this guy thinks it's surprising a clean comedian could be a rapist. What a fucking idiot." Then of course a few dozen comments agreeing that yes, I was indeed, a fucking idiot. I actually commented myself saying "Did you read it? I'm actually saying the same thing you are, that you would be an idiot to think that." His response was "It's the Internet, no one reads the whole thing." Fair point. The comments eventually digressed into what kind of moron would name their blog "Standup Dad" anyway. Well this one I guess. It seemed like a good idea the day I had 8 extra dollars and Go Daddy had available. Maybe I should see if is available. Shalom!


Andrew Rivers said...

Good to see you back. lol. I am subscribing to your podcast now. You don't have enough bad comics on as guests tagging each other, so it's not in my facebook newsfeed daily and hard to remember that you have a quality podcast.

Anonymous said...

Welcome back! I'm sure I speak for all your fans in the deaf market when I tell you that your podcast is a poor substitute for quality blogging.