Saturday, June 22, 2013

Fun with Facebook Spam

    • Conversation started June 14

  • Remold Edwin

  • Attention
    Dear Rutledge,
    I am Barrister Remold Adowin , am attorney to Late Eng. Chris M.Rutledge,
  •  who died with his family without no one to claim his US $8.500,000.00
  •  (Eight Million Five Hundred U.S Dollars) deposited in a Bank in London.
  •  I have be mandated by the bank management to present the next of kin
  •  of my late client, I wish to present you to the bank as his next of kin.
    Our sharing ratio will be 50/50. Kindly contact me through my private
  • email address or phone, with you full contact information for more details
  • if you are interested in my proposal .
    Phone 00221 77 44 98 703
    Your Full Names.......................
    Your Full Address.....................
    Your Real Age..........................
    Your Phone And Fax.....................
    Your Occupation.......................
    Your Nationality.......................
    Your Email address.....................
    I wait for your prompt response.
    My regards
    Barrister Remold Edwin,

Gabriel Rutledge

This is really exciting! When can I get my money?

    • Monday
    • Remold Edwin

      Hello Dear Mr Rutledge,
      Thanks for your respond, can i have your email address so that i can
    •  write you more details on how to proceed with this transaction with
    •  the bank sir.
      Thanks for your cooperation.
      Barrister Remold.

      • 3:16pm
        Gabriel Rutledge

        No I prefer to do all my important business affairs via Facebook message
      • . I have a couple of bills that are overdue, when do you think I can get
      •  this money?

        • Tuesday
        • Remold Edwin

          Well i still need your email address so that i can sen you more details
        •  about this transfer because your information will be needed in
        •  the bank dear

          • Tuesday
          • Gabriel Rutledge

            I understand, but here's the thing Remold. My wife also checks my
          •  email and I really don't want her to know about this. Also when I get
          •  my 4.25 million does it have to be in big bills? I'd really like to get
          •  it in ones if possible.

            • Wednesday
            • Remold Edwin

              yes in a big bills dear, can i have your email address now for more details?
            • Wednesday

            • Gabriel Rutledge

            • Remo, Remo, Remo! You drive a hard bargain my friend. I can see
            • why you have reached such a high level in your business. The small
            •  bills are very important to me because I take a lot of airport shuttles
            • and I'm always out of one dollar bills. A $5 tip for an airport shuttle
            •  is too much I think you would agree? This is a big problem for me.
            •  So if I can get it in one dollar bills(or quarters) I am willing to only
            • take 3.5 million. That gives you well over 50%! Surely a good business
            • man such as yourself couldn't turn down a deal this good. Plus I think
            •  it's what Chris M. Rutledge would have wanted

            • Thursday
            • Remold Edwin

              Dear I need email address for more details

              • Thursday
              • 3:04pm
                Gabriel Rutledge

                Remo! I just noticed you called yourself Barrister Remold. That's
              •  awesome that you're an attorney and you make coffee! I love coffee!
              •  Maybe after we get this money thing organized you can make me one!
              •   I'll have plenty of ones for a tip
            Remold Edwin

            Okay dear mr Gabriel ,
            It will be in 100 bills, can i have your email address now for more details sir

            Gabriel Rutledge

            Are you married?
            Remold Edwin

            Yes am married with 4kinds and you?


            Gabriel Rutledge

            Whoa! I only have two kinds. (They're either boys or girls.) What kind are your other two? That must be very difficult. I'm sure you love them anyway?

          • Remold Edwin

            yes i have them i have 4 boys? are you interested in this transaction or not?

            • Friday
              Gabriel Rutledge

              I don't know Remo. I'm starting to have second thoughts. Do you think the money would change me?

            • Monday
            • 9:37pm
              Gabriel Rutledge

              I miss us.


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