Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Fun with Facebook Spam 2

Joyece Aliie Amudu

Hello My name is Joy, i saw your profile and i became interested to make a Long term relationship with you, please contact me on my email so that i can send you my photos and tell you all the details about me, here is my email (Joyadu@live.com)
Please contact me direct on my email (Joyadu@live.com)

    Gabriel Rutledge

    OMGosh! Joy you are an answer to my prayers. I am also interested to make a Long Term relationship! My wife and I have been attempting to be polyamorous for many years now, but people keep saying "You guys are too weird" or "You guys smell" or "I don't find one or both of you attractive" or "I don't want to sleep in your laundry room." It's been one excuse after another, but I guess all that rejection was worth it, because you seem perfect Joyece Allie Amudu! Ok just to be clear. We're seeking a woman(negotiable) for sex, childcare, house cleaning, and light maintenance. No fatties!!! Are you in!?

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