Thursday, January 2, 2014

6 Reasons Gabriel Rutledge is a Comic to Watch in 2014!

1. Gabriel comes from the "Immediately say yes, and regret it later" school of negotiation. His willingness to accept the first offer makes him not just a favorite with audiences, but comedy bookers as well!

2. Gabriel wishes he wrote more, so if you have a favorite joke you heard him do the last time you saw him, good news! He's probably still doing it!

3. Gabriel doesn't have a manager or agent, but he doesn't need one! With a Twitter army over 1500 strong Gabriel calls his own shots! Yes, it's true some of those are left over from the time he drunkenly bought 1000 fake followers for $12, but that's still several hundred legit followers! Incredible!

4. Gabriel loves his wife and is terrible with birth control, so sometimes he can't afford to order more CD's and T-shirts. That means a lot of times when you see him perform he won't annoy you by trying to sell you CD's and T-shirts after the show!
5. Gabriel is a good tipper! So even when the audience hates him, the staff at least pretends to like him.


6. We all know the biggest most successful comedians in the world live in L.A. and New York, but did you know every time you see a Gabriel Rutledge show you're seeing the most famous comedian in the history of Olympia Washington!? Congratulations!

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