Friday, May 13, 2016

8 Minutes

This is me in August 2009.

Shorter hair, earrings, and a little more hope in my eyes. But maybe that's just because I was wearing make up. It's a shot of me on stage during my "Live at Gotham" Comedy Central taping. My first TV appearance and probably my career highlight so far. You never want to admit something is going to be your career highlight when you're doing it though. When the star high school quarterback is being carried off the field on the shoulders of his teammates after scoring the touchdown that won the State Championship, he never yells "I feel like maybe I'm peaking right now!" Everything you do in comedy is supposed to lead to something bigger. Every success is supposed to be a stepping stone, and for some of the comedians who were on Live at Gotham that year it was; they've gone on to great success. For me, it was more like a stepping stone that got me from a few feet from the shore to the middle of the stream and I've just hung out there. I've doing fine. I've done a handful of TV spots, and I perform all over North America, and I have a good life. I'm grateful. No fuck you, I am. But when a kid (Okay 35 year old) from Olympia is performing in NYC for the first time and he's wearing a Comedy Central laminate around his neck he's not thinking. "This is great night that's really going to help me have a good life and continue to provide for my family while still pursuing my dream and passion." No, on a night like that he's letting those tiny thoughts in the back of his brain that he's embarrassed to even admit are there come out. He's letting insecurity and realism take the night off, and he's gonna let ego and optimism run shit for awhile and see how that feels. You know what? People better start running away from this building in slow motion, because Gabriel about to blow the fuck up. Which is what makes what happened at the Comedy Central after party so much funnier. Here's the audio of the story from my award eligible podcast I do with my wife called The Rutledges

This is why you don't get to be in charge ego and optimism.
"Insecurity and realism? Are you guys still here? Have you seen humility? C'mon, please come back."
I follow Rachel HBO on Twitter and for some reason yesterday I decided to reach out to her.

It's a really weird thing to tweet at someone, but happily she responded.
 A little closure on an event that didn't even really need closure I guess. This also shows why I'm still hanging out in the middle of the comedy career stream by the way. I should have responded to her text 7 years ago when it happened and said "So weird this happened I just taped "Live at Gotham" and I was at the Comedy Central after party and I thought my night was getting better than it already was." Maybe an LOL even. Or a :) Pretty sure my flip phone didn't have Emoji's. Then she thinks, "Oh that guy I met at the HBO Comedy Festival a few years ago, just taped a Comedy Central thing, good for him" and then when she's producing something she thinks of my name and then...well probably nothing. But that's what you're supposed to do if you're a comedian or a human even. "I don't want to be a bother" isn't a very good career motto, but it's been barely working for me so far so I guess I'll stick with it. I wanted to ask her if she remembered who she was trying to text. I always wondered if it was Gabriel Iglesias. Maybe I'll ask her in 2023.

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